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The FRIGOBOAT products are easy to install and very powerful, and meet the most varied needs with a wide and flexible range.

FRIGOBOAT units are powered by the very reliable Danfoss BD35F and BD50F compressors. These units are auto sensing 12V and 24V.

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Air Cooled Systems

An air-cooled condenser cools the compressed refrigerant gas by use of a fan that blows ambient air across a finned condenser. They are the obvious choice for land based systems. An advantage for boats is their inherent simplicity and their ability to maintain refrigeration when the boat is dry. It is important to ensure cool air flow through the system—look for shrouded condensers and mount the system in a cool area—an air duct will help.

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Keel Cooled Systems

Keel-cooling is a unique form of water-cooled system. Instead of the condenser being mounted at the compressor and cooled by pumped water, the keel-cooler is in direct contact with the sea water. It is the most reliable of all systems. The only moving part is the compressor. It has similar performance to conventional water-cooled systems without the maintenance overhead of filter cleaning.

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Evaporator Plates

The ability of the evaporator plate to absorb energy from the enclosure depends on plate temperature and surface area. A plate of higher surface area is more efficient because the resulting plate temperature required to meet the target box temperature allows the system to work with a better coefficient of performance. Select the largest that fits. If the plate is spaced away from the wall of the enclosure, effective surface area can be doubled.

These plates can be easily bent to suite your box with a minimum bend radius of 20mm.

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Holding Plates

Imagine having a rechargeable block of ice, well this is what a holding plate offers you. These holding plates are highly energy efficient due to longer compressor off cycle. The holding plate is filled with a solution that is chilled during the on cycle of the compressor which gives the holding plate the ability to hold it's low temperature for long periods of time. Unfortunately though these holding plates are not suitable for freezer application and we recommend using an evaporator plate for this purpose.





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